Cult of the Lamb recruited over one million followers within one miraculous week

Massive Monster and Devolver Digital have announced that more than 1 million members have signed up to The Cult of the Lamb.

The unholy church grew to this number in just one week.

Despite this devotion that the group has experienced, it has also had many battles with bugs of every kind and other abysmal problems and all of them need to be eradicated.Do not worry! The high-ups have heard your pleas and are making a myriad of improvements, fixes, and general cleaning so they can bring joy to all of their followers.The faithful will soon receive an agenda of content that will be a tribute to the One who waits.

If you’re unfamiliar with the tribe that accompanies the Lamb that is the Lamb, it flings you into a shattered world of ritual and destruction as a possessed lamb is saved from destruction by a stranger you have to pay back your obligation.

Make sure you fulfill your obligation by building followers in his name in this land of false prophets. Travel through different regions that are filled with forest worshippers while you share The Word and recruit fresh new faces. Be aware that adversaries and rival cults will be trying to stop your doctrines. Besiege the leaders of these religions, take in their power, then return back to your home to earn the fervor of your adherents.

Make sure you keep your parishioners happy by building buildings, performing rituals, and preaching sermons to build their faith. As they become more enthused and so does your faith and will allow you to go deeper into the forest to learn more about its mysteries.

You can choose to be loved or feared, you decide Oh the Chosen One!

Anyone is welcome to become a member of the sect and you can also swear your allegiance towards the Cult of the Lamb through various methods, including PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox.

Be aware that different methods to join come with unique advantages. If you sign up via the ever-present Steam and you will receive new follower forms through The Cultist Pack. If you opt for the more affable Switch the follower skin that is based on the exalted Cthulhu is yours for the taking.

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