Battlefield 2042s Season One finally launches as EA denies claims of a skeleton crew working on the game

The quarterly earnings report for the shooter revealed that the sales and player counts were very low. A furious player gathered to demand more money from EA. The EA responded with a host of features from the first season. This was described in February. However, the developers later announced that the game would be available for summer.

Summer is here, and Season One: Zero Time. This map introduces Exposure. A new expert describes the engine killer expert, new weapons, gear, and stealth helicopters that will pilot. These battle passes offer new ways to get players to climb.

The length of time it took to complete the new season has raised questions about DICE. Giantbombs Jeff Grubb claims that the developer is in the wrecked stage, with a skeleton team working on BF2042, and the rest of the studio focusing on the next iteration. Grubb says that the skeleton crew is working to produce this stuff as fast and cheaply as possible. This new Battlefield game is being developed by the core Battlefield team.

EA later denied Grubb’s suggestions, stating that they had a large studio team focused on improving Battlefield 2042 for players. EA is committed for Battlefield 2042’s future and their] areas to focus.

The juggernaut is to be commended for the increase in population due to the new season. However, there are still a few funny moments.