BioShock 2 Door Codes

BioShock 2 Doorcodes – Locations clues, solutions, and more you’ll find to unlock all doors with these codes


BioShock 2 Door Codes – Full List

These are the door codes.


  • Adonis Luxury Resort: Plasmid Therapy Door Code > 1540
  • Pauper’s Drop: Fontaine Clinics Door Code > 0047
  • Siren Alley: Plaza Hedone Door Code > 1919
  • Dionysus Park: Basement Storage Door Code > 1080
  • Fontaine Futuristics: Plasmid Theater Door Code > 5254
  • Inner Persephone: Holding Wing Door Code > 2673
  • Inner Persephone: Therapy Wing Door Code > 4146

It is enough to be aware of the door you are at and then look up the code we’ve given you.

Every door has a reward

Every door has a reward Some are better than others

  • Adonis Luxury Hotel: Plasmid Therapy Door code > There is the following: Audio diary (Fitness) Money, drill fuel
  • Pauper’s Drop Fontaine Clinics Doors Code that you need to go through the story
  • Siren Alley: Plaza Hedone Door Code You will discover the following items needed to continue the story
  • Dionysus Park Dionysus Park: Basement Door for Storage You will discover: Needed to move forward in the story
  • Fontaine Futuristics Plasmid Theater Door Code > There is money ammo, bandages, ammo Gene Tonic (Careful Hacker 2)
  • Inner Persephone Holding Wing Door Code will be able to move on in the story
  • Inner Persephone Therapy Wing Door code There is the EVE Hypo, money, a first aid kit and ammunition

If we’ve left you the code, but you’re having questions regarding how to use it, or you’re unable to find the door or the place, send us a message and we’ll be happy to help

How do I use codes to unlock locks?

Take a walk to a 4-digit lock and hit the A/X button. move through until you reach the right number, and then press A/X once more.

Watch this video by TyphoonRaptor If you require assistance with codes: