BitBuddy Promo Codes – June 2022

All BitBuddy Promo codes in one updated listing – Ludum Dare creation of Daniel Mullins. Use these codes to get exclusive items, food and songs for your friend, as well as other rewards

BitBuddy Promo Codes – Full List

These codes can be used to redeem exclusive items, food and songs for your friend, as well as other rewards.


Both active and valid codes

These are the codes that are valid.

  • Hour Skip – Redeem Promo Code Reward > Advance time forward
  • HatBuddy – Redeem Promo Code Reward > Party Hat
  • Holiday – Redeem Promo Code Reward > Boating Holiday
  • SwordBuddy – Redeem Promo Code Reward > RPG Benefits
  • BagelBuddy – Redeem Promo Code Reward > Feed your Buddy Bagels
  • BurgerBuddy – Redeem Promo Code Reward > Feed your Buddy Burgers
  • Lionel.exe – Redeem Promo Code Reward > Plays a Broken Audio File
  • Ponies Redeem Promo Code Reward > Plays Success Sound

If there are any new codes you can redeem in future, we will update this page. We recommend visiting this page every two weeks to ensure you don’t miss any rewards.

We’ll give you credit if we find a new promo code that works.

Expired codes

These codes no longer work

BitBuddy Social Media Channels


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  • Facebook:
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  • TikTok: ? ?

If you have any other working codes, leave a comment and we will add them into the list. Credits will be given to you

BitBuddy Promo Codes: About the Game

It is best to just start playing the game and then discover what it has to offer.

Hey! Hi! My name is Daniel, and I am an indie game developer. My most notable achievements are Pony Island, The Hex and Inscryption. You can also find the results of my participation in game jams here.