League of Pantheons Hero Guide & LineUp

League of Pantheons Hero Guide and LineUp A brief guide for heroes and the best way to build the best team for fighting.


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League of Pantheons Hero Guide & LineUp

Frost Giant-Ymir finally emerged from his icy sleep and entered the mortal realm after a thousand years.

As opposed to other tank heroes Ymir’s abilities set her apart from other elemental heroes. She has the ability to attack due to her ability to block the DEF of multiple enemies. In addition, Ymir can negate incoming non-control debuffs with the (Debuff Block) Skill, allowing her to fight effectively against Fire team and Dark Team.

Who will be the ideal teammates for Ymir and what are the best areas to be focusing on to promote Ymir? Let’s take a look!

Hero attributes:

  • DMG Reflect
  • Shield
  • Armor Break

Hero skills:


  • Crystal Bash: Ymir holds an armor that has the ability to freeze, dealing 263 percent PDMG to the enemy in front, and a 50% possibility of (Freeze) their targets for one turn. He also grants himself and one front row ally the ability to create a (Crystal Shield) that lasts two turns.
  • Polar Warrior: HP +40%, ATK +20%, SPD +30. If HP is lower than 50 percent, DEF temporarily increases by 20 percent and the DoT received is reduced by 20 percent..
  • Icebreaker Shake Ymir has a strange ability and uses a sledgehammer in order to hit, inflicting 150 percent PDMG for all opponents, with a 60% chance of inflicting (Armor Break) on them for two turns. The probability of (Armor Break) is increased to 90% for targets that are affected with (Freeze) or (Slow).
  • Debuff Block When you make the move, it has an 80 percent chance to gain 1 stack (Debuff Block). Each stack will negate one non-control debuff that is incoming. The duration is 2 turns.


  1. The cost of promotion is quite low. The function of Ymir combat is comparable to the role of Gabriel however, Ymir is much more easy to attain and develop than Gabriel.
  2. Ymir is an improved tank as she can offer shields to her allies, and she is also able to create some controls. This lets her maximize her strength whether she teams with a mage or a warrior team.
  3. Ymir is immune to all debuff damage. the ability to block debuffs allows her to enjoy outstanding performance against teams like that the Dark Curse team and the Fire Team.
  4. Ymir alters the fact that natural elements do aren’t equipped with an AoE hero who can break armor, and offer the chance for a team that is pure output to do a lot of loss.


  1. Ymir is part of the element of water with the slowest speed at which it starts among all elements. In general, Ymir needs to break his armor first, and then output heroes follow, causing with damage. If this is the case, we have to alter the pace of every hero. This could result in an issue where the whole team is slower than the opponents and they lose the chance to take the lead.
  2. Ymir’s Horcrux doesn’t increase the likelihood that armor will break. So, in the scenario of full-level skill when the opponent isn’t frozen, there’s a 60% chance that the armor will break (compared with 90% of a condition of freezing). This isn’t very small, but it creates a situation that is more uncertain.
  3. Ymir does not have the capacity of a tank that has the highest level of HP. It is recommended to utilize an opponent like Fenrir or tanks like Heimdall to improve the survival of the entire team.

Talent Recommendation:

  1. Hardiness
  2. Swift
  3. Provocation
  4. Restoration
  5. Dodge

Divine Gear Recommendation:

  • Speedy set
  • Ward set

Lineup Recommendation:


  • Water Team 1: Ymir, Jormungand, Illsya, Dionysus, Erial/Leviathan
  • Water Team 2: Ymir, Titan, Illsya, Dionysus, Leviathan/Poseidon
  • Fenrir Team: Ymir, Fenrir, Dionysus, Byako, Seshat/Illsya
  • Fire Tank Team: Ymir, Heimdall, Valkyrie, Nezha, Dionysus/Archie

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League of Pantheons will be officially launched on the 12th of January, 2022! Go and register today!

Who will triumph in the fight between Zeus, Odin, Wukong, and Susanoo? The ancient immortals of Greek, Norse, Japanese, Egyptian, and other mythologies are united in this League of Pantheons. Do you want to be the Summoner to restore their power?

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  • Devise Strategies in various Gameplay: Combos, Hero synergies, Metas, Countermetas. Utilize simple, yet deep Strategies in constantly changing fights
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