Bloodborne PSX Cheats

Bloodborne PSX Cheats: Big Head, Pet Dog. Alter time, Paintball mode. Change your name. Damage to the unarmed.


These cheats will unlock Big Head mode, Pet Dog Mode, Alter Time, Paintball Mode, Change Your Name, You Die Text, Damage to the Unarmed, and many other features.


Bloodborne PSX Cheats- Full List

These are the best cheats available.

  • SOCKEM = Cheat code = This cheat can cause minor damage to the unarmed.
  • TOPHEAVY = Cheat code = Enables big head mode.
  • YESYOUCAN – Cheat code = Enables pet dog mode
  • CONVOLUTED = This cheat code allows you to change the time using the right stick
  • SPLATSILVER = Cheat code = Enables paintball mode
  • ICHANGEDMYMINDTO+ [text] = Cheat code = Use this cheat code to change your name.
  • WHATIFITWAS+ [text] = Cheat code = This cheat allows you to change the text ‘you died’.

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How to Use Bloodborne PSX Cheats

These are the steps you need to follow in order to cheat

  1. Bloodborne PSX Launched
  2. You can access the menu here:
    • Keyboard = Esc, Q
    • Controller = Start
  3. Go to the Settings Menu
  4. The third option is the cheats.
  5. Use any of these cheats
  6. Use the two-right arrow icon

About the Game

There are unspeakable horrors hiding behind every corner.

Use the Strategic Action Combat system for 10 hunter weapons to defeat your enemies. You can dodge incoming attacks using your hunter’s quick steps ability and parry your enemies with your quicksilver pistol. Also, you can transform your trick weapon to customize your loadout for any encounter in the next-generation 3D experience that combines RPG and Action in an entirely new way.


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Bloodborne is now available on PC, so to speak. FromSoftware fans have been longing for a PC port since 2015. Their prayers were answered with the help of a PSX “demake” by a monkey.

Lilith Walther, a developer, has been working on the demake over 13 months. She has attracted a lot of interest from both Bloodborne and PS1-era gamers.

There is only one question: Will you make it through the night?