Blox Fruits Sword Tier List – June 2022

Blox Fruits Sword Tier Listing – List of the best swords ranked according to tiers (from S Tier up to F Tier) based on their quality.


S Tier – Best Swords

The best swords are those of the S Tier.


  • Yoru
  • TTK: To get it, you must have all Legendary Swords Shisui-Wando-Sadi and over 300 Mastery Levels for all Legendary Swords. Talk to Mysterious Man at the top of the green bit
  • Koko – Koko drops from Order Raid Boss only occasionally, so it’s more Shisui than Shisui.
  • Pole (Second form): A good, high-damage, long-range sword.

Blox Fruits Sword Tier Listing – A Tier

A Tier is the second level, which is very similar to the highest in the game but one step lower.

  • Dragon Trident – Great range, high damage on both abilities, Dragon Trident is very useful.
  • Wando Wando is not generally good in big fights, but only 1v1 fights.
  • Rengoku – You can find it in a secret chest at Castle Island. The chest opens with a key hidden inside (drop by Castle NPCs).
  • Midnight blade: This is a weapon you can purchase on the cursed ship at 100
  • Saddi : Saddi is extremely lethal at close range and very good for pvp
  • Shisui : Shisui, a GOD TIER blade for pvp, is the Shisui
  • Saber: Get 1,000,000 bounty, kill one player, and you’ll get it

Blox Fruits Sword Tier Listing – B Tier

The third tier is B Tier, which is slightly higher than the average

  • Bisento: To make it drop, kill White Beard and inflict 10 percent damage.
  • Soul Cane – Soulcane is great for combos and pvp
  • Gravity Cane – mini gravity joke
  • Pole (First form): A good early weapon sword with good range and good damage.
  • Jitte – Jitto drop at Smoke Admiral

Blox Fruits Sword Tier Listing – C Tier

C Tier is the fourth, slightly lower than average.

  • Bisento: Bisento can be used for grinding.
  • Yoru
  • Longsword: A decept sword for pvp.
  • Saber V1: Saber is extremely damaging and can be used for pvp.
  • Duel Headed Blade – Very good blade for grinding.

Blox Fruits Sword Tier Listing – D Tier

The D Tier is not the most interesting, but it is close to the worst.

  • Trident – Trident is very useful for playing pvp strategically.
  • Shark Saw
  • Pipe – This pipe is excellent for snow island grinding.
  • Double Katana This sword can be used to farm on Buggy Island.
  • Triple Katana – Great sword to grind snow island.

F Tier – Worst Swords

Avoid the F Tier, which is the most dangerous tier.


  • Wardens’ Sword: The best looking sword in the game
  • Iron Mace – Iron Mace is a great choice for pirate islands.
  • Katana/Cutlass