Box office – Tom Cruise knocks Doctor Strange off his throne with Top Gun Maverick

The well-known reboots in cinemas have been limited over the past few weeks. Last weekend saw another major release, Top Gun: Maverick. This was also immediately noticeable. Tom Cruise’s sequel went straight to No. 1 on the German cinema charts. Top Gun easily defeated Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness with 530,000 viewers and 5.6 millions euros. Previews show that the film has already received 610,000 admissions. This is the third-best start to the year, behind Doctor Strange, and Fantastic Beasts. Dumbledore’s Secrets.

These films, however, secured the following positions in the cinema charts. Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness sold 200,000 tickets during its fourth weekend and grossed EUR2.1 million. The overall number of visitors to the Marvel production in Germany is now 1.8 million. The third part of Fantastic Beasts has already attracted 2.8 million visitors. Additionally, 75,000 additional visitors visited the site over the weekend. This translates into box office earnings of 760,000 Euros. This is followed by Mia and Me (90,000.00 visitors and 660,000 Euros) and immenhof – The Great Promise (75,000 visits and 650,000 Euros).

Top Gun in the USA was also a must-see. The film’s $124 million grossing was a record. Earnings are expected to surpass $150 million with today’s holiday. After its premiere weekend, the film earned $260 million worldwide.

After three weeks at the top of the USA, Doctor Strange was left with only the silver rank. The film earned $16.4 million more. The American box office now has almost 500 million dollars. Worldwide, it stands at 873 million.

The top five US movies are The Bob’s Burgers Movie (USD12.6 million), Downton Abbey : A New Era (USD5.9 million) or Gangster Gang (USD4.6 million).