Bulbasaur Community Day Classic Pokemon Go

Bulbasaur Community day Classic Pokemon Go – January 20, 222. Only one day to spawn Bulbasaur.


Bulbasaur Community day Classic Pokemon Go – January 20,22. Pokemon type Grass/Poison. January 22nd, 14:00-17:00 (plus 2 hours for learning movements).


Bulbasaur Classic Pokemon Go Day – What is it?

Community Day Classic, a brand new event, will feature a prokemon who is a classic pokemon (pokemons that were in the first editions).

Within a few hours, will increase as well as the ratio to obtain a Bulbasur Shinny.

Bulbasur will dominate the spawned pokemon in those hours, and the shinny will increase (by nearly a x10 roughly).

Bulbasaur Community Days Classic Pokemon Go – January 20,22

January 22, 2014, 14:00 – 17:00 (plus 2 hours for learning movements).

Shiny and spawning probability significantly increased


Venusaur will learn a major movement:

  • Main move: Frenzy Plant

If you develop during the event, you will be able learn this move. To learn the move, you will be given an additional 2 hours after the event.

Frenzy Plant:

  • Trainer Battles inflict 100 damage
  • Gyms and raids: Damage up to 100


  • Free 30 Ultra Balls.
  • For 1.280 PokeCoins, you can get a Community Day Box that contains 50 Ultra Balls and 5 Lucky Eggs. 5 Star Pieces are also included.

Community Day Special Story of Research for 1 $ (or the equivalent in your local currency)


  • Special Research Story: Bulbasaur Day Community Day
  • You could have stardust, berries, candies and incense. (coming soon).

Community Day will offer the following perk:

  • (PX). HTML3 for catching a Pokemon.
  • Incens33 hours.
  • Lure Modules3 Hours.
  • Surprises in photos
  • Basic experience data:
    Catch Pokemon > 300 PX
    100 PX >300 PX Goal Attained
    Excellent Launch: 1.000 PX > 3,00 PX
    Curved ball: 20 PX >60 PX

Important: You can multiply your experience by using a lucky egg.
Try throwing with excellence!


Great League: Bulbasur > 0/14/11 (Max level 21)
Ultra League: Bulbasur > 1/15/14 (Max level 39)
Master League: Bulbasur > 15/15/15 (Max level)


Type: Grass / Poison
Nivel 40: 2.720 pc
Nivel 50: 3.075 pc
Max friendship > Level 51: 3.112 PC



  • Attack: 178.9
  • Defense: 171.4
  • Stamina: 172

Quick move

  • Vine Whip (Grass).
  • Razor Leaf (Grass).

Main Move

  • Community Day: Frenzy (Grass)
  • Petal Blizzard (Grass)
  • Sludge Bomb (Poison)
  • Solar Beam (Grass)
  • Frustration Shadow (Normal).
  • Return Purified (Normal).