Esport is a Monopoly game.

Esport Monopoly, a modern twist on the classic board game, allows players to buy major tournaments rather than property. Esport Monopoly allows players to swap traditional Monopoly pieces such as the shoe and thimble in exchange for gaming-specific items like a keyboard, mouse, headphones, chicken, or keyboard. Players can purchase tickets to major esports events, such as Dreamhack.

Esport Monopoly participants can be sent to jail. The gameboard can be printed in English or German. You can play the board on either side, even if it is flipped.

The rules for the game are identical to other licensed Monopoly spinoffs. Players can earn more money by buying assets. Monster Energy, a global partner in Esport Monopoly, is now available in the store for a retail price $60.49.

According to the website, you can play for up to two hours or until you give up. Monopoly will provide a tongue in cheek look at the industry through a dedicated Monopoly game. The ESI Podcasts cover topics such as Digest, Focus and Insight.