Bungie warns over Destiny boss’s ‘extremely loud roar’ that’s scaring players

The Destiny 2 bug is infuriating players because it produces an extremely loud roar whenever they’re killed by a specific boss.

It was activated by an event called King’s Fall raid, when players are wiped out during the battle against Golgoroth A bug has caused a loud sound to be heard and has resulted in an array of reaction videos by players who are stunned.

Bungie has said it is aware of and researching the issue. It also suggests that players reduce their volume in fights.

The thing that makes this incident more bizarre is the fact that it appears that only a few members of the team hear the loud noise and they cry in terror and the rest of the group is not aware of the issue.

Bungie recently announced this week that Destiny 2 is now available on the Epic Games Store.

From August 30 to the 30th of August, players can until August 30, players can download The game’s 30th-anniversary packs (normally $24.99 or PS21.99) free from Epic’s marketplace.

The announcement was made at a Destiny 2 presentation on Tuesday. Bungie also confirmed a leak earlier which revealed that Destiny skins would be available for Fortnite as well as to Fall Guys on September 17.

Bungie has also announced that all the expansions for Destiny 2 (Shadowkeep, Beyond Light, and The Witch Queen) are available free to play until the next week across all platforms.

Bungie has also announced that it will be released on February 28, 2023. timeframe for the release of the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion.

The game also announced that it was the Season of Plunder, which was announced earlier this week. The new six-player game will see Guardians “engage in ship-to-ship combat to stop Aramis and her pirate crew from wreaking chaos across the galaxy”.