Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – 5 Rarest Achievements in the Game

This tutorial will show you how to achieve your goals faster. These are my suggestions. Good luck!



This achievement can be achieved in two ways.


  1. The only thing that will make you successful is money. To earn garage spots, you will need to work around 1.000.000. A little trick: If you download the McLaren F1 car from the workshop and buy it for around 1.000.000 you can easilyearn up to 10.000.000-20.000.000 depending on the parts you put in it. This is the smarter, but more costly and more efficient way to go. After you sell the F1 car, you can easily pay off your garage spots and still make money.

The car:

2. You can get them by simply clicking on “Buy” to unlock them.




This achivement can be accessed while you’re working on the Trader achivement, or the story/works. All you need is to paint.

Great habit



This is the easiest way to pass the test. Simply take your car along and go to the path test. It is important to remember that you must despawn your vehicle from the path test after passing one test. Then, you can go back with it. It’s not difficult, but it is worth it.

Find a barn finder


This is a true end-game goal. This is a must-do achivement. It will allow you to save money and make the purchase process faster.


A tip for barn maps: You can always find a barn map at the junkyard if you run out. This is true for barns as well, but you won’t find any chests.





This achievement can be achieved by renovating 50 cars and then selling them. This process can take between 30 and 70 hours depending upon your building speed. If you wish to test them, you will need to add 10 minutes to each build. A typical avarage build takes between 40-50 minutes and a fast about 30 minutes. If you don’t do each piece perfectly, the cars won’t be counted. Make sure that everything is 100%.

Tips: I recommend that you buy 100-200 pieces of each part that is usually used. You only need to purchase the part that is engine-specific. Avoid V12/V8 engines as they are more difficult to build and more enjoyable to make. You might also consider I4/I6 engines.

You should also use the junkjard or the auction house as much as possible. You can find cars with very little in them, so you don’t have to take them apart. You can find more cars you like.



These are the steps to follow in order to achieve the rarest achievement in CMS21.


Note: It took me around 100 hours to finish the game 100%.