Cathedral – All Collectibles Location Guide

This guide covers all collectibles such as:


  • Hearts
  • Bottles
  • Ouroboros Amulets
  • Swords
  • Armor
  • Armor Enhancement
  • Munition
  • Books


I’m here to help you if you can’t find the last collectible of any type.

This guide was created because I couldn’t find certain collectables my first time playing the game. I wanted a guide to help me.


Remember that nothing is impossible, and you don’t have to stop playing the game. If you get stuck, you can refer to this guide to help you clean up the areas.

An entire reference map with all collectables and other information is currently in development. It will be completed once it is complete.


This section is still under construction.



Maximum Stats

These are the highest stats you can get for your items.

Hearts: 10

Bottles: 9 bottles in total, each bottle containing 5 healing hearts


Sword: Damage +3

Defense +4 Armor

Ouroboros Amulet: Gold Loss 5%


Arrows: 65

Bullets: 17

Armor Enhancement:


  • After you die, start with 7 more hearts
  • Chance to Avoid Damage: 6%
  • 100% resistance to Freeze
  • 4 seconds reduced bottle cooldown
  • Loot Magnet
  • Reduced time to repair damage


There are nine bottles total, and there are two Bottle Upgrades which increase the heart gain up to five hearts per bottle. These upgrades can be purchased at any shop for 10000 and 20000 gold.

From the beginning, you have the first bottle in your inventory.



Icewind Mountain: This bottle is needed to fight Augr (the Eye Boss). The Cathedral has an exit at its top.


Poison Pavilion: At top of first room. You can collect it once you have acquired the double jump charm.



Necromancer’s Den is located in the western room. It can be accessed by obtaining the Bone Wand.



Icepeak Mountain: Once you have reached Shade Forest, Icepeak Mountain can be found.


Brightwind: Found in the waters of Brightwind.



Cathedral: After you have obtained the floating charm, you can find this bottle at the western end.



Invystone Graveyard – Once you have gained the dash ability, go back to Ivystone Graveyard and locate this bottle in the westernmost corner.


Ivystone Ridge – After you have collected all 100 books, the librarian will give you this bottle.



Start the game with three hearts, and there are seven more Heart Containers you can collect.


Cathedral: You must fight your first Gargoyle right at the beginning of the game. You will receive a Heart Container as a reward for defeating it.



Cathedral: This is located in the secret room that you accessed from the room you were being chased by the spike ceiling. You can simply reenter this room and continue to slash at the left wall until the secret room is found.



Necromancer’s den: Once you have obtained the Lantern, you will need to return to the place you were when you first entered the area. Nearby you will find a burnable wall, and behind it is the next Heart Container.


Bone Church: Located just before the Boss and hidden behind a fake wall to its left.



Sunken Temple: To find the Heart Container, first climb straight up and then turn left.



Icepeak Castle is located on the right side. Once you’ve obtained Soul Possession, you can fly up airstreams while summoning Soul. Then you can solve the puzzle to get the Heart Container.


Ivystone Ridge – After returning at least 60 books, you will be rewarded with a heart container

Sword and Armor

There are 2 sword upgrades and 3 armor improvements.



In the lower areas of Shade Forest, you can purchase your first upgrade to your sword.

After defeating the Gargoyle Miniboss, you will be awarded Tanzanite as your first upgrade to your sword.



Tinkerton is a place where you will be given a quest in which you must complete two trials. After completing the quest, you will be able to speak with the man at the shrine in Tinkerton. enable-highlight” data-id=”60″>He suggests that you light the dragon statues using your green flame. You will be awarded Jade, the second upgrade to your sword, after you have opened the door to The Void.

Each of the 3 armor upgrades are available in any one of three shops located in Tinkerton, Blue Haven, and Ivystone Ridge. Before you can purchase the next tier, you must have the previous tier.




Ouroboros Amulets

There are five Ouroboros amulets. Each reduces your gold loss by 1%, bringing it down to 5% from 10%.

You can buy three of them at the village store (Ivystone Ridge Blue Haven Tinkerton).

For bringing more than 40 books to the library, you get another one.

After defeating the Gargoyle in Desolate Mines, the ghost will give you the last one.

Armor Enhancement

There are 23 upgrades to choose from, based on the various augmentations.

After you die, start with 7 more hearts


Ivystone Ridge: You can purchase the first augment at the Ivystone Ridge Store.


Shade Forest: This augment can be obtained in the next room after defeating the Gargoyle at the lower area.


Sunken Temple: Once you have acquired the Magnet, you will be able to access the lower portion of the dungeon. When you encounter the column of four metal boxes, stab the ground to reveal a hidden pressure plate. You can access the augment by bringing a box to this spot.


Shade Forest: This room is located just below the lower left exit on Ivystone Ridge.


Blue Haven: You can buy it from the shop.


Shade Forest: This collectible is the most difficult. To obtain the true Magnus Apparatus, you will need to talk to NPCs and enter the Grave in Ivystone Graveyard. Once you have the password, climb up Icepeak Mountain’s right side to reach the Temple. You can then enter the Blood Garden beneath Shade Forest. There are two Boss options. Talk to the Crow in Shade Forest to receive your reward.


Ardur’s Domain is located in the lower portion of the dungeon.

6% chance to avoid damage


Poison Pavilion – This augment is available as soon as the double jump has been completed.


Ivystone Graveyard can be found in the topmost room. It is accessible to the upper right side of a large room.


Shade Forest: This augment in room can be found on the way to Icepeak Mountain by climbing to the upper right.


Access to the sewers: Once you have the Pistol, you will be able to fully access the sewers. This augment is protected by an optional Boss at its end. To find the boss, you must stab the floor in the area.


Cathedral: This room is located in the upper left corner of the area.


Ardur’s Domain is in the highest room.

100% resistance to freeze


Icepeak Mountain: This augment can be found in a small space when you enter the area via Shade Forest.


Desolate Mines: Stay to your right to find the key. If you are entering a room that has a deep pit, you will need to go down to find the key. To get to the augment, you must hover to the right using a Bone Carpet, double jump, and dash.


Icepeak Castle: A cannon can be found in the right-hand corner of the dungeon. To find an augment room, point it at the ceiling and fire it.


Tinkerton: Available in the shop

4 seconds reduced bottle cooling


Poison Pavilion: To find this hidden augment, you will need to break down blocks in the floor at the lower left.


Brightwind: You can only descend into the water when you first enter the area. After maneuvering around jellyfish, keep going and you’ll eventually find it.


Icepeak Mountain: Keep looking up at the upper right when you climb up the room filled with evil dwarves (coming to Tinkerton). This augment can be found in the ceiling through a hole.


Desolate Mines: The Gargoyle must be defeated in the Desolate Mines. Continue to the lower part. Look closely at the right wall when you reach the long ladder. class=”game-block news-block enable-highlight” data-id=”114″>Soul can fly into the fake wall to drop a block and a switch. Then climb up the ladder and go left. To find the key, light the torch. Fight the Gargoyle, ignore ghost dwarfs and grab the augment.

Loot Magnet


When you go through the doors, look for the Poison Pavilion. It is located on the left side.

Reduced time to repair damage


Ivystone Graveyard is located in the lower right corner of the area. It can be accessed by obtaining the Bone Wand.

Magnus Apparatus Arrows

There are 12 upgrades to arrows available. Each upgrade increases your maximum arrow count by 5 There are 65 total arrows available to you, with the 5 initial arrow capacities of the Magnus Apparatus.


Cathedral: This can also be obtained after defeating the Gargoyle or obtaining the Magnus Apparatus during your first visit to the Cathedral. It’s hard to miss.


Poison Pavilion: A mace pendulum is located at the end of a long corridor. To reach the room through the floor, you must sneak past it. You will find the upgrade in the wall.


Shade Forest: In an abandoned village. You can either fall from the room to the right and hold on until you reach the ledge or wait until you double jump and use the bone wand.


Necromancer’s den: Once you have defeated the Skeleton Boss there is a treasure-room to your left. This upgrade is waiting for you if you climb up to the top ledge.


Ivystone Graveyard – This upgrade can be found in the ceiling if you climb to the upper left corner of the area.


Bone Church: Once you have reached a large room with a checkpoint, and a shaft that you can climb next to the left door, you will be able to go up the corridor. Be careful, there’s a hole in the floor. This upgrade can be found by slicing the wall.


Shade Forest: This augment can be found in the room at the top of the stairs to Icepeak Mountain. The armor augment is also located in the same room.


Icepeak Mountain: Once you have reached the mountain via the shade forest tree, turn left and continue to the upper right for this room. It is hidden in the wall at the lower left of the room.


Icepeak castle: This is located in the upper left corner of the dungeon. To find the upgrade, shoot the wall using your gun.


Shade Forest: Go right and down from the teleporter. This is probably something you’ve seen before, but couldn’t reach. Once you’ve completed the double jump, grab it.


Cathedral: After you have obtained the Bone Wand, double jump and the Bone Wand, you can enter this room to the left of a doorway and a switch.


Ardur’s Domain – Once you have reached the checkpoint in upper left part of the dungeon, slash the left side wall to reveal two secret rooms. This upgrade is located in the back of the second bedroom.

Flintlock Bullets

There are 6 possible bullet upgrades. Each upgrade increases your maximum arrow count by 2 There are 17 arrows available to you, with the 5 initial bullets of the Flintlock Pistol.


Icepeak Castle: After collecting the pistol, you will find it on the path through the castle. It’s hard to miss.


Icepeak Castle is located in the room to the left. This hidden upgrade can be found by slicing the ceiling.


Icepeak Mountain: You will find it in the upper left corner of the area. To access this room, you will need the pistol. To upgrade, climb Ice Skulls.


Brightwind: You can reach this area by using the pistol. Continue to the upper left from Blue Haven. Use bullet shots to break through the blocks and find the upgrade at the end of the maze, just above the entrance.


Desolate Mines are located in the lower left of the area. The key would be found to the left of the elevator. To reach this room, you will need a pistol.


Ardur’s Domain is the final upgrade. It is located at the top of the area. To reach it, climb the pile of metal boxes.


You can find 100 books that you can collect for the librarian in the Book of Books.

Once you accept the quest from a librarian, the books will spawn.

These are the rewards of bringing them back:

20 books – Ruby (worth $500 Gold)

40 books – Ouroboros Amulet

60 books – Heart Container

80 books – 10x Ruby (worth 5000 gold)

100 books – Extra Health Bottle

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