Century Age of Ashes All Achievements

Century Age of Ashes All Achievements–All Achievements and Their Descriptions, a Guide to Unlock them All – 33 Achievements


Century Age of Ashes All Achievements

There are 33 achievements that you can unlock


  • Greenhorn: Win 10 matches.
  • Soldier: Win 50 matches.
  • Veteran – Win 100 matches
  • Killer – Kill 50 enemies
  • Assassin Kill 100 Enemies.
  • Executioner: Kill 200 enemies.
  • Knight: Reach level 20.
  • Earl: Reach level 50.
  • Monarch – Reach level 100.
  • Housebreaker – Make enemy coffers explode with the Vault Breaker.
  • Music-Lover : Ring the bell at Hunavatn Lake.
  • Immortal – Complete a match without ever dying.
  • Grand Slam – Pass all the gates of Gates of Fire in one go.
  • Gold Collector – In Spoils Of War, keep a single load 200 Gold.
  • Gold Hoarder : Keep a single load (400 Gold) in Spoils of War.
  • Stop Dead: Smash your Dragon into a Wall and Die.
  • Champion – Appear 20 times at the end of each match podium
  • Divine – Skewer Kill 5 Enemies with the Drakepiercer.
  • Breeder: Hatch 5 eggs.
  • Leave your mark: Win 10 matches in Marauder.
  • Cloak & Dagger: Win 10 matches to become a Phantom
  • Protect and Serve – Win 10 matches as Windguard.
  • First Flight – Complete the Tutorial.
  • Reach For Glory: Get ranked.
  • Public Enemy Use a level 6 bounty to Carnage.
  • One for all: Win matches while playing in a team.
  • Unleashed – Kill the Berserk Wraith five times in Carnage
  • Murderous Wrath – Kill 5 enemies while Berserk.
  • For Blood: Win 5 Carnage matches.
  • For Glory – Win 5 Gates of Fire matches
  • Royal Raiments – Equip a character using 3 Epic or Legendary Items.
  • For gold: Win 5 Spoils Of War matches
  • The Chosen One – Be displayed before a match.

Achievements Guide

As most achievements can be explained, we cannot help but to point out that almost all of them were achieved through hours of practice and hard work. The Redeem codes might be of interest to you. You can also get epic dragons and other rewards with these codes. If you have any questions about the achievements, please leave a comment. We will be happy to assist you.