Cheaters in the Warzone and the vanguard took away weapons

The players are called to duty: Vanguard and war zone will see fewer cheaters, according to Activision. Team that’s proprietor of the anti-cheat program Ricochet Anti-Cheat is informed of a brand new aspect: guns were seized from unfavorable players.

Information about meetings with such rivals have begun appearing on the site already. Cheaters are discouraged because they find out that the weapons they have stolen are in hiding. They aren’t able to play with the ball or use their fingers and therefore they aren’t able to hurt the player.

The developers explained the reason why they didn’t try to eliminate anyone who was unhappy about the game. They believe that the existence of patterns is crucial to develop Ricochet. She investigates the actions of cheaters with the aim of finding the best ways to counter.

In order to make sure cheaters are kept out developers are trying to limit the harm they cause to players. For instance at the start of the year the system was tested that was not thought to be active in the game.

As per the Ricochet Anti-Cheat team, over one million cheaters have been banned by Warzone and Vanguard over the course of the past month. And the program is in the process of launching. Warcraft and Modern Warcraft.