Chip and Dale review

Chip ‘n Dale was one of the Disney animated series that children remember fondly from the 90’s. However, the two main characters of the eponymous series have less fond memories.

Chip and Dale review

At least, not in the fictional world where the filmic reboot of Chip & Dale takes place. The two chipmunks in this story are former actors who became close friends as children and got their big break in Hollywood with Chip & Dale.

After a dispute between them, the series ended in an unfortunate end. Chap was so disappointed, he decided to turn his back on Chip and also his acting. He is now an insurance salesman, and virtually has no contact with his old friends. Chip, however, is still trying to capitalize on the popularity of the event.

Chip earns his living attending conventions, and 3D plastic surgery will help him get back on the big screen. Chip and Chap reunite after many years when Samson calls them. The duo discover that Samson is in serious trouble and they have to let go of old problems to save Samson.

Chip, Dale might not seem very innovative at first glance. Mixing live action with CGI animation is a continuation of the Roger Rabbit game , which was also used in films like Space Jam and Looney Tunes Back in Action. It doesn’t win any innovation prizes and the story is predictable. Many developments can be easily predicted and there are few surprises in content. The story is full of heart and never gets boring because of its pace.

The film’s success is due to how the filmmakers tell their story. Chip ‘n’ Dale has a lot of meta gags and innuendo. This area has a lot of surprises. Many gags are based upon characters or franchises to which Disney doesn’t own the rights.

There will always be moments when you wish the pace was a bit slower. Humor is always a matter taste. Chip will have little joy if they don’t get over the gags that are mainly based on the fact well-known brands and names are made fun of.

Due to its template, the film is a little too close to the chair. Although the film is intended for family viewing, many of the gags are more aimed at adults. The nostalgia factor from a series that dates back to the 1990s should be kept away from children. The story is still quite well-written. An chap and chip, which would have been targeted entirely at an adult audience, might have been a bit better. There was more to the story.



Even though Chip und Chap-Die Ritter des Rechts doesn’t win an innovation award for its mix of CGI and real film, it is still a lot fun. Anyone who can make humor work will enjoy almost 100 minutes worth of entertainment, with a high number of gags.