Cozy Grove Cat Recipes

Cozy Grove Cat Food Recipes – How to combine items and colors for the best results.


Cozy Grove Cat Recipes – Full List

There are many ways to get cats to use the cat beckoner.


  • Blood cat recipe: Base items > Chocolate Galette, Fancy Flan & Pure unadulterated carbs
    • Rare > Fruit
    • Ultra Rare > Cocoa Tart
  • Demon Cat recipe: Base items > Desert Salad and Deviled Egg & Medicinal Tonic
    • Rare > Fruit
    • Ultra Rare > Bon bon
  • Eerie cat recipe: Base items > Chutney, Sauerkraut & Tea Egg
    • Rare > Salt
    • Ultra Rare > Bagel
  • Forest Cat recipe: Base items > Caramel Custard and Energy Elixir & Jammy Danish
    • Mushrooms – Rare
    • Ultra Rare > Chocolate Pie
  • Moon Cat recipe: Base items > Chowder and Farmer salad, Savory bread
    • Rare > Egg
    • Ultra Rare > Fruit Salad
  • Ornate cat recipe: Base items > Cocoa pancakes, Fruit profiterole & Vegan Challah
    • Berry > Rare
    • Ultra Rare > Cocoa Bean
    • Epic > Toasted Nut flour and Cocoa Tart
  • It’s sad Cat recipe: Base ingredients > Fancy Pho, Kinchi, & Thousand Year Egg
    • Rare > Root
    • Ultra Rare > Mushroom Tofu
  • Spectral Recipe for cat: Base items > Lembas & Sourdough loaves
    • Rare > Nut
    • Ultra Rare > Mushroom loaf
    • Epic > Potato Donut and Toasted Nut Flour
  • Spine Cat recipe: Base items > Oligarch Salad, Savory Salad, & Vegan Potstickers
    • Rare > Greens
    • Ultra Rare > Fruit salad
    • Epic > Superfood smoothies and mixed greens
  • Spirit cat recipe: Base items > Chef salad, Cob salad & Crispy tofu bibimbap
    • Rare > Onion
    • Ultra Rare > Bagel

Cozy Grove Cat Recipes – FAQ

How do you combine items in the cat beckoner

How do you unlock the Cat Calloner?

Upgrading your tent to Level 4 will allow you to find the cat beckoner in the north corner.


What happens when you use ingredients not listed in any recipe?

A common moon cat will always be paired with one of the many cat beckoners.

Will it alter the order of ingredients?


It doesn’t matter which order you put them in your cat beckoner, it is important to know the three ingredients.