Curse of the Dead Gods Trophy Guide

Curse of the Dead Gods Trophy guide – Road To 100% – Guides for unlocking all achievements with locations, video guides and tips

Curse of the Dead Gods Trophy Guide — Full List

These are the trophies.

  • Abstinence: All other trophies are available
  • Initiation – Complete the Room of Trials
  • Strength Defeat Xak’olchir the Blood Hunter
  • Toughness – Defeat Litz & Nepac the Cursed Twins
  • Cruelty – Defeat The Dark Avatar Of The Jaguar
  • Nobility Defeat K’ax taca High Lord of Storm
  • Invention Defeat Malok Paal, the Flesh Monstrosity
  • Vanity, Defeat The Dark Avatar Of The Eagle
  • Awareness Defeat Xucat, the Witch
  • Depravity – Defeat Ratyapu the Abomination
  • Avidity – Defeat The Dark Avatar Of The Serpent
  • Deception Defeat Clovis Paradieux, Champion Of Death
  • Delivery: Become the Champion of Death
  • Curiosity: Start a “Special Event”
  • Diligence: Complete 10 different “Special Events”
  • Believe: Get a Blessing from the Dead Gods
  • Devotion – Unlock 20 Blessings for the Dead Gods
  • Exhumation: Unlock 5 Forsaken Weapons
  • Collection – Unlock 20 Forsaken Armors – See the Guide
  • Essay – Write 5 Bestiary entries
  • Memoirs – Write all Bestiary entries along with their complete sketches
  • Restoration: Unlock all Weapon Altars upgrades
  • Mastery – Get 3 successful Parries in under 2 seconds. – See the Guide
  • Greed – Achieve a series of x10 “Greed Kills” – See the Guide
  • Relief – Lift the Final Curse. – See the Guide
  • Power – Equip a Champion weapon – See the Guide
  • Insanity – Make 10 Blood Offerings in a Single Exploration – See the Guide
  • Invulnerability – Complete any exploration using 50 or more Constititutions
  • Omnipotence – Complete any exploration using 50 or more Dexterity
  • Clairvoyance – Complete any exploration with at least 50 Perception
  • Temptation

We know that some trophies are difficult and require additional explanations. So we have provided guides to help you.

Relief Trophy Guide

This video guide by Lukinator 2321 will show you how to obtain the Relief trophy