Detective Mimo Walkthrough

Detective Mimo Walkthrough: We will give you the locations, clues, and the solutions to all puzzles that will help you catch Cat Rogue.

Hidden in the Kingdom of CAT is Shrimp, a bright and shining city. This amazing location offers luxurious amenities such as a Cat Beauty Salon, fish café and MEW Bank.

Thieves from all over the country flock to Shrimp. The primary target is the mysterious and richest place, MEW bank.

A thief of repute declared that he would raid the bank to steal all the treasures.

Shrimp needs detective Mimo. The brave policecat that has fought for the safety of the city to stop the crime.

Mimo met the thief after she had overcome obstacles and solved puzzles. To her surprise, however, the thief shared another story with her that will forever change Mimo’s life.