Diablo Immortal dungeon queues are frustrating its players

Although it is a multiplayer game some players are frustrated by the Diablo Immortal queues and party finder system. They want an option to play solo.

Most of Diablo Immortal’s endgame activities revolve around playing the RPG in multiplayer. However, some Diablo Immortal fans are tired of its party system and queues in dungeons. They are looking for ways to do activities alone. While previous games in the series were playable solo, players who want to take on the demonic hordes are having trouble with Blizzard’s new game.

Blizzard has received several posts on the Diablo Immortal forum, where players can offer feedback and suggestions. A post from someone who calls themselves a “lone-wolf” player says, “Don’t get us wrong, I enjoy raids (Lassal, Vitaath run), but that is about all my interest in grouping with other players.”


They said that they enjoyed the game so far and were happy to interact with the Shadows system. However, they decided to quit playing when they realized that they would need to form groups for dungeons or lairs in order to obtain set items. The sentiments were shared by other players via comments. Mobile players emphasized that waiting to be seated for dungeon runs is counter to the game’s simple jump in, jump off play.

A second upvoted post points out a different problem, stating that they cannot find players to play dungeons. “Saturday evening, 0 players running the dungeons on an apparently active server… What’s point in forcing me to party up?,” The commenter admits that they have seen several posts about this issue but is frustrated by the situation. Some players claim they can find parties in a matter of minutes. Others report that it takes them between 15 and 30 minutes, even during peak hours.

According to commenter, podolot one possible reason is that the “find party” option at a Dungeon doesn’t tie in with the party finder. This means that players may not be able to fill all available slots or matchmake four people into a random Dungeon.

Another suggestion is to scale dungeons like rifts so that players with different paragon levels or hell difficulty tiers may play together, but with gear drops adjusted for each level. Steelcode points out that player segregation can only get worse over time, as new players may be constantly behind in hell difficulty tiers than those who started earlier.

It is the primary way players can party together, and it has been criticized for how frequently it is necessary. One player noted that they have to clean their warbands out twice per week due to inactive players. Many people want to do their thing, and I can’t blame them.

Some players are concerned that more solo content will make it easier for bot accounts and to farm indefinitely without anyone being present to report them. Others believe that warbands are a way to encourage friends and players to log in together.

No matter if you prefer to play solo or in a group in Diablo Immortal – there is one thing that we all can agree on: it would be great to pet the Westmarch dog. Check out our coverage of the action RPG. It includes information about the third Helliquary boss as well as a method to create eternal legend crests.