Shooter High on Life had to become a Stadia exclusive before the game

The Xbox & Bethesda Showcase presented an original sci-fi shooter called the game High on Life from Justin Roiland popular for his animated series Rick and Morty. The game isn’t scheduled to launch until the next few days, but it will be available it will be available on PC as well as Xbox.

The story was in the press that High on Life would be an exclusive feature of Google Stadia. According to source, High on Life and The Quarry were created under the program “Stress of Google”. However, after Google decided to focus its business, its partnership with the studios that were involved in the project was dissolved. The Quarry was made available across the various platforms of 2K as well. High on Life became an exclusive game.

If anyone has any memory of the time when news broke that was the new Xbox exclusive by Hideo Kojima was designed specifically for Stadia.