Dirt 5 PS4 & PS5 Controls

Dirt 5 PlayStation 4 and PS5 Controls – Take a look at the guide to controlling DIRT 5 to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and The How to Drift Tutorial


Dirt 5 PS4 & PS5 Controls – Full List

These are the controls for PlayStation PS4 and PlayStation 5. PS4 and PS5


  • Steer: L
  • Run / Stop Running: L3
  • Look: R
  • Look Back: R3
  • Headlights: R1
  • Accelerate: R2
  • Windscreen Wipers: L1
  • Break / Reverse: L2
  • Gear Down: Square
  • Camera: Triangle
  • Gear Up: X
  • Handbrake: Circle
  • Roadside Repairs: D-Pad Up
  • Recover Vehicle: D-Pad Down
  • Toggle Voice: D-Pad Right
  • Pause Menu: Options

As you’ve probably noticed the controls are easy to use, and there are no buttons that allow users to execute the most obscure actions. In every way Dirt 5 resembles real driving with no turbo boost buttons. They are just the ability to master your skills.

If you’re seeking an option to drift, it isn’t one. If you’re looking for it, we provide you with instructions and some suggestions in the following section.

Dirt 5 PS4 & PS5 Controls – How to Drift

However, there isn’t a way to drift. It requires the right technique. Learning to master drifting requires practice since everything is based on timing. Understanding when to begin drifting is as crucial as knowing when to end drift. If you’re looking to learn, it, we suggest starting with frozen maps, where it’s much simpler. However, in essence this is how you learn:

The driver should be near the outside of the turn, and start slowing down before they get close. Once the driver is in the turn, they will be tempted to pull their emergency brake and then swing their vehicle around the turn.

Video Guide – How to Drift Like Boss

Learn how to drift like a Boss tutorial, by ScrewayD. It appears that it’s simpler to drift if you use a wheel as your primary device. This makes your car more responsive since wheels rotate instantly wherever you’d like to go.