Dodgeball Academia Achievements Guide

Dodgeball Academia Achievements Guide: A guide to unlocking all achievements with tips and videos, especially the most difficult.


Dodgeball Academia Achievements — Full List

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  • The Fearsome Student – Have Mina join you team.
  • New Heights: Let Balloony be a part of your team.
  • We’re now a Real Gang. Suneko should join your team.
  • Have Shoy join you team.
  • Anikis For Life: Kyabo should join your team.
  • Hard-working Student: Get to level 10 with any member of your team.
  • Dedicated Students: Reach level 20, with any member of the team.
  • Assiduous Students: Get to level 30 with any member of your team.
  • Devoted student: Get to level 40 with any member of your team.
  • Top of the Class Student: Get to level 50 with any member of your team.
  • I Feel the Power! Have Otto unleash his first Balltimate move
  • School Champion : Win the Tournament.
  • Let The Games Begin! Complete Episode 1.
  • The Tournament’s on! Complete Episode 2.
  • A.I. Mayhem: Complete Episode 3
  • Trouble letter: Complete Episode 4
  • Where is our Baby? Complete Episode 5
  • Ghostly Secrets – Complete Episode 6
  • The Fellowship of the Square Episode 7
  • Episode 8: The Grand Finale
  • You Can’t Touch This – Get an SRank medal for all Dodging Challenges
  • Timing Expert – Get an SRank medal for all Defense Challenges
  • Professional Car Wrecker – Get an SRank medal for all Strength Challenges
  • Teacher’s pet: Get an SRank medal for all challenges
  • Ouch! My Head! – Hit your head while you roll at a very high rate of speed
  • Nice Remedies: Counter 10 attacks consecutively without getting hit
  • Is it possible to have privacy? Win all levels of the Bathroom game.
  • First-Class Rookie: Defeat Boris during Episode 1
  • What’s the problem? Hit 10 people with a soccer ball outside of battle
  • Dodging Master – Win a match without getting caught, countered, or being hit
  • Caring Friend – Use 10 items to show your love for a team member
  • A Helping hand: Complete all Side Quests
  • Get All Geared Up! – Collect Every Piece of Equipment
  • Bollar Spender – Spend 100 bollars in the Dodge Shop
  • Underground Business – Spend 100 Bollars at Big Tony’s Den
  • Want More? Spend 100 Bollars at Cafeteria

Dodgeball Academia Achievements Tutorials

Here are some quick tips to help you complete your “hardest” accomplishments


  • Top of the-Class Student : All the main stories and side quests with Otto. Also, drink Exp
  • You Can’t Touch This – Professor Kat’s Class: Use high agility gear, characters like Shoy, and other characters such as Shoy
  • Timing Expert – Professor Fortunato’s class – Use the Near-sighted Reading Glasses
  • Professional Car Wrecker – Professor Makako’s Class: Stick to the middle
  • Teacher’s Pet – Complete the three preceding ones
  • Ouch! My Head! Overworld > Infirmary > spam until you hit a wall
  • Reflexes – Leave one opponent and sit at the back of court
  • Is it possible to have privacy? You can spam catch until you have all the balls, then spam throw
  • First-Class: Stay at the back of court to dodge the balls. Then, throw from the back
  • Caring Friend – Use a lot of blue ice popsicles for Suneko
  • Helping Hand – In one Save
  • All Geared up!: Locations Belos

All Geared up Achievement – All Collectibles

All locations of collectibles in one video by Brain5454