Lost Ark provides maps for June & July 2022

Amazon Games announced some of the updates to Lost Ark. A roadmap was provided for both June and July of this year. You will find new gameplay challenges like Legion and Guardian Raids. They also plan to include some “horizontal content”, as well as many quality-of-life updates and a new advanced class. Below is a map that shows what they intend to do in June.

Credit to Amazon Games


Battle for the Covetous Legion’s commander Vykas is joining Valtan to take part in the second raid. Legion frighteners require teamwork and understanding of the strategy to defeat enemy forces unique abilities, character and mechanics. Legion Raids can be difficult and require patience. There are checkpoints and gates that can be used to save your progress through the Raid. Visit our Lost Ark Academy, which is exclusive to the Legion Raid.

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The Legion, like Valtan will require eight players. Normal mode players should reach item level 1430. Harder modes will require them to attain 1460. The Victory Army Raid grants supplies to players who succeed to complete crafting their Relic Gear sets. There are also valuable rewards.


Deskaluda, an ice predator, will help Kungelanium to enter the ranks of powerful level 6 Guardians who can be challenged in a Guardian Raid. Kungelanium will allow players to challenge them once they have reached the level of the first or higher classes. You can matchmake our heroes or annihilate them all, just like the other Raids.


Thronespire is an original multiplayer dungeon adventure. There are 50 levels. It won’t take long to get to the next floor. Or you can retry. While it is more similar to the main dungeons of Shadow and Fatespire the Assassin’s Eye has many key differences. Once you’ve defeated all your enemies, and if you can defeat the floors of your enemies, you will be able return to the Demon Legions. The foundation will give you the first-time rewards for your achievements in the first two years. The 25th floor focuses on prestige and completion times, which show you can conquer anything the Demons throw at you. To participate in the tournament, players must earn grade 1325.