Don’t worry single-player fans Redfall is still a great Arkane story when played solo

Redfall has many options for vampire hunting adventures that are more isolated.


Arkane Austin is preparing a game with scientifically-mutated vampire killers that have taken a whole town hostage – and though marketing so far suggests that Redfall To truly liberate the town, you will need a team of hunters. However, Bethesda marketing SVP Pete Hines said that anyone who wants to play the game solo can still find interest.

Redfall, is a once-delayed title from Arkane Austin and available for Xbox Series X/S or PC. Although many people have called it a “Left 4 Dead/Back 4 Blood”-alike, Bethesda staff has recently stated that it is something very different.


“It’s an action-packed first-person shooter you can play with up to four people,” Hines stated in yesterday’s extended Xbox showcase.

“So, immediately, you might think, well, it’s no single-player game. It must be completely different. There are many ways it can be different, don’t get me wrong. However, I believe that people will begin to appreciate Arkane games when they play them and when they see more.

What is it about Arkane games that we love? It’s mostly good systems that interact with one another to ridiculous degrees, strong narrative hooks and the freedom to approach objectives differently from different perspectives. There is also deep lore. Redfall will have all that? It sure sounds like it. What about that amazing story?

Hines says, “If you want to play a game alone and get a great Arkane tale, you can absolutely do so in Redfall.”

Redfall is, of course comes from Arkane, you know the people behind Dishonored and Deathloop. It is a lot like ‘immersive simulation’. Hines previously stated that Redfall was “very similar” Arkane’s previous output in terms of its design pillars. Here’s the TL;DR. This is almost as great for single-player players as it is for multiplayer gamers.

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