Sony’s June 2022 State Of Play Comes With Multiple Surprises

Sony held the last state of the game on this week. It brought the world ahead of everyone else with a big revealing. The cliffnote: We finally saw Resident Evil 4, which is available for PS4 and PS5 but also on PSVR2. Other PSVR 2 games include Resident Evil 8: Saints & Sinners and Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain. Insomniac Games will bring Spider-Man Remaster to PC. It will include the whole game and Miles Morales as its main content. Street Fighter 6 has a complete story. We were also able to see full reveals about Stray, Eternights and Tunic, as well as The Callisto Protocall, Stray, Season: A Brief Look To The Future. Final Fantasy XVI was shown at the end of the event. It will be released in 2023. You can read the entire game and see the video on the other side.

Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment


Six years after his terrible experience in Raccoon City’s biological catastrophe, ResidentEvil4 joined Leon S. Kennedy. He was able to find an agent and immediately got his nomination from President Donald Trump. Leon now works together on his numerous missions to his home to rescue his daughter. Leon follows her to a peaceful European village but, after first becoming intrigued by the desire, discovers that she is enthralled by the local population. This modernized tale of survival in the light of terrifying terror returns to deliver an amazing gaming experience. Many of the producers of ResidentEvil2, the critically acclaimed film series, have re-regulated their return to explore the core of ResidentEvil4. Both new and old friends enjoy the familiar and the increased imagination of real people to tell dark and disturbing stories.


Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered was developed by the MMJ team and the MMMM team. It features an experienced Peter Parker fighting big crime in New York as well as iconic villains. He’s still trying to balance his hectic personal and professional life while dealing with the fate Marvel’s New York. He tries to be a new Spider-Man for his city and community, much like Miles Morales. Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales is currently available on PS4/PS5 and Miles returns to East Harlem, with the support of his mentor Peter Parker. Miles is happy with his new house, but when a power struggle threatens his home, Miles learns that power comes with a lot of responsibility. Miles must take Spider-Man’s mantle off and claim it in order to save Marvel’s New York.


Stray lets players take on the role of a stray kitten to escape an ancient mystery. On the way, the cat meets a flying drone, called B12 or a flightdrone. The duo must work together to find a way to escape with their new friend.


The Callisto Protocol was created in the year 2320 by Jupiter’s dead moon. Players were tasked with finding a prison made of iron and discovering the frightening secrets of the United Jupiter Company. Players will learn to look around and use their tactics to survive the mysterious outbreak that terrorized Callisto. Josh Duhamel plays Jacob Lee, a cargo ship pilot who is trapped deep within Black Iron Prison. Karen Fukuhara (star of The Boys), plays a mysterious inmate. We will soon have more details about the story and casting of the game.


Rollerdrome is an action shooter for advanced players that combines high-octane combat and fluid motion. You’ll never be able to perform an action like this. This adrenaline-pumping action game allows you to do whatever you like in mediterranean fighting. It is 2023. The world is a place where reality and eutm collide. Rolldrome, a new sport for women, has the public distracted. You can become the Rollerdrome champion and uncover the secrets behind the Matterhorn corporation.


Infected people can turn into deadly monsters obsessed with power and violence. You have to go against the clock to protect your love and survival. What will you do? Will you be greedy, dungeon crawling, and killing everything on your to-do list? You have the option to choose, but you must meet your deadlines. You can choose from five loving, naive confidants to help you explore the dungeons. You can learn new skills and stories from them as you grow up.


Capcom’s latest challenger isStreet Fighter 6. It will launch worldwide in 2023. This represents the next evolution for theStreet Fighterseries. TheStreet Fighterseries has sold more than 47,000,000 units since its debut 35 years ago. This powerful tool can build an internal database in 4G. This experience features new gameplay and improved visuals for all aspects of the game. Street Fighter 6 brings together the best elements of Street Fighter to create a Fighting Ground experience. Players will be able to learn a wide range of fighting styles from the legendary World Warriors Ryu and Chun Li to the Street Fighter Vroster Luke, our new expert breakdancer Jamie. We will be able to reveal more information about the future additions of combatants to the roster in the coming months.


Tunic is an isometric action-game about a small fox who embarks on a big adventure. Explore a land full of old legends and powerful powers as well as terrifying monsters. You will find yourself in a ruin, where you can only observe your curiosity and confront colossal beasts. Collect powerful, huge items, and uncover long-lost secrets. Legends claim that there is a great treasure hidden on this land. It may not be hidden. Or maybe it’s hidden beneath the surface. There are stories of ancient creatures of extraordinary power and high-mountain-earthing creatures that live in a palace. What are you doing?


A village high in the mountains is free from the changes of the seasons. Estelle was the first to leave. A season in her world is both a time period and an era. This season is coming to an end. She is given the chance to live in the unknown and she decides to leave her home to record this moment in time. Estelle explores a strange, yet familiar world that offers life and glimpses into a new one.


Final Fantasy XVI takes players to a world where Eikons, powerful and deadly creatures, live within the Dominanta single person who has the ability to rely on their deepest power. This story is about Clive Rosfield, a character who was determined to control the blade. He was also named The First Shield Of Rosaria and was assigned to protect Joshuathe Dominantof the Phoenix. It is a dangerous and difficult path that leads to the final victory over the terrible events.