Dungeon Encounters Battle Abilities Locations

Dungeon Encounters Battle Abilities Locations. This guide includes locations, descriptions, and a cost.

Name Tile Description Uses AP Cost
Withdraw 02.44.40 Avoid battle. There will be no rewards. 2
Restoration 06.47.32 Completely restore HP for a single member of the party. 5 5
Greater Restoration 63.72.66 Completely restore HP for all members of the party. 3 15
Resurrection 17.59.35 Return a member of the KO’d party to health. 5 6
Greater Resurrection 45.49.50 All KO’d members must be restored to health. 2 17
Physical Rejuvenation 20.42.52 All party members must be able to provide physical defense. 7 15
Magical Rejuvenation 21.39.54 All party members must be restored to their magical defense. 7 13
Dual Rejuvenation 66.83.82 All party members must be protected. 1 23
Group Reflection 31.67.74 Protect all party members using reflective magicks 7 9
Mithridate 05.41.49 The party is still active but immune to poison. Passive 8
Softskin 23.73.52 The party is active but not immune to stonebinding or petrification. Passive 14
Fearless 41.77.67 The party can still be active but is not immune to immediate death. Passive 12
Unappetizing 14.36.62 The party is active but not for consumption. Passive 13
Resolute 16.49.69 The party can be active but not banned. Passive 14
Courage and strength 09.49.48 Even though they are active, damage is more likely when party members face fiends on their own. Passive 7
Wrothful Strength 36.47.44 When a party member is active, their defenses are reduced to zero. This increases the damage they do. Passive 8
Dominant Strength 55.21.82 When a party member’s HP becomes full, they are more active and deal more damage. Passive 20
Need for Strength 26.50.14 When a party member is tired, they do more damage than when they are active. Passive 6
Armsmaster 33.76.60 The equipment of the party cannot be damaged while it is active. Passive 5
Ranged Focus 59.27.42 Any weapon, active or not, can be used against flying foes. Passive 35

Dungeon Encounters Battle Abilities Locations – 100%

These are the Battle Abilities and their coordinates. They also include the description, number of uses, and the AP Cost.