Echoes of Mana Reroll Guide

Echoes Of Mana Reroll Guide: How to Reroll, What to aim for, and The Tier List (Heroes ranked in Tier S to Tier D).


Rerolling is easy. There are endless possibilities for 3-star characters, but it’s very quick and easy for 4-star characters.


Echoes of Mana Reroll guide – Steps

These are the steps for Reroll

  1. Your Device can launch Echoes of Mana
  2. If you’re looking to speed up the process, skip the cutscenes.
  3. Continue to unlock the Beginner banner
  4. Click on Echoes of Mana Main Screen > Tap on the gift box (right), collect pre-registration rewards, and summon four star characters (see the next section for which characters you are interested in).
  5. Keep playing if you’re happy with your characters
  6. If you’re not satisfied, go to Echoes Of Mana Main Screen > Tap User services > Tap On Delete user data > Tap Confirm > Continue the previous steps

Echoes Of Mana Reroll Guide- Target

It is easy to roll back, but not immediately, as you will need to complete the tutorial every time. Enjoy it the first time and then decide if it is worth the effort. Your 4-star character is the only thing that should be concerned. The beginner banner allows you to repeat it as many times you wish. The reality is that there are only two 4-star characters who are better than the rest. We will show you the SS tiers below. Decide whether you want to invest in one of the Tier SS or settle for a Tier SS.

4 Star Reroll Tier List

It is easy to roll, and we recommend Sumo or Duran.

  • SS Tier: Sumo & Duran
  • S Tier: Popoi, Shiloh, Angela & Riesz

3 Star Reroll Tier List

It is easy to roll your own. We recommend Randi, Charlotte, or Kevin.

  • S Tier: Randi, Charlotte & Kevin

Echoes Of Mana Tier List

If you’d like to see the whole picture, you can view the Complete Tier List.


Tier S:

  • Sumo (4-Star)
  • Duran (4-Star)
  • Riesz (4-Star)
  • Popoi (4-Star)
  • Angela (4-Star)
  • Charlotte (4-Star)

Tier A:

  • Shiloh
  • Serafina (3 Star)
  • Charlotte (3-Star)
  • Amanda
  • Hawkeye
  • Primm
  • Duran (3-Star)
  • Randi (3-Star)
  • Kevin (3-Star).
  • Niccolo
  • Sierra
  • Ferrik
  • Angela (3-Star)

Tier B:

  • Duffle
  • Honeycomb
  • Mousseline
  • Julius

Tier C:

  • To be continued