Eighties Thief Simulator Theft 80s Comes Next Week

American Theft 80, a thief simulator, was created in the USA in the 1980s. You can loot all the items in the city with this game. The Polish creators of the famous Thief Simulator are currently working on their creation.

American Theft 80 allows us to see the action through a third-person view. You can move around the world to steal from various locations, such as shops, houses, caravans or shops. To avoid destruction, we must enter any old buildings if we come across them.

Stealing requires proper preparation, patience, safety. We like television, VHS cassettes, and video players. We can escape police if something goes wrong or we are caught.

You will find many mini-games in the game, such as e.g. Video games that can be played on slot machines

The American Theft 80s will be released on PC (Steam), June 15, 2022.