Elden Ring – How to Directly Fight Radahn

This is a super simple way to skip Caelid, and get straight to Radahn’s boss arena. As of patch 1.05



This spot was discovered while I was trying to turn the Selia Painting to the ghost at the Caelid Minor Erdtree. It’s very easy and consistent. It is the fastest skip I have seen since the Church Plague skips were patched months ago.

The Skip

Spawn Fort Forth, and then head to the Minor Erdtree.


Go to the top.




The best way to determine if you’re in the right spot for you is to look down from the edge. If you see the giant on the right, then you are most likely in the right spot. Pay attention not to touch the roots.

It is not necessary to use torrent’s double jump. You will be forced to collide with the kill plane by the double jump.


Roll down the cliff or leap off it. Be careful not to land on platforms or roots. You should aim for Radahn’s boss room.


After your death, you have the option to resurrect at the stake Marika or the last grace. Choose the stake of Marika.



You will now have spawned at Marika, outside Radahn’s boss area. You can now fight Radahn or cheese Radahn.

Radahn can be a troublesome opponent in the early stages of the game. This could cause delays in certain events or quests.