Elemental: Pixar announces new film for 2023

Pixar has revealed a new animated film to be released in 2023. The studio has announced that what’s now an upcoming feature-film to be produced will be called Elemental . The film has already been announced for an announcement date for its theatrical release. Elemental is scheduled to be released in German cinemas on the 15th of June.

However theater releases of Pixar films is now to be taken with caution because the Disney group recently decided to skip a theatrical release and instead release this Pixar film through Disney+. Today, the movie Lightyear will be the first Pixar film to be released in theaters since the pandemic started.

Elemantal is set to take the place of a universe which is populated by beings that are that are based around the 4 elements: air, water fire, land and water. The story revolves around an ebullient young woman and a surprisingly easy-going youthful man, who upon meeting , discover they have a few things that they share. In the wake of this announcement the first glance into the character of both was made public as conceptual art.

Elemental will be presented with Peter Sohn. The director will be involved. the first feature film produced by the studio of animation. He has previously directed Arlo and Spot . The film was directed by Denise Ream, who previously collaborated together with Sohn in the film Arlo & Spot .