How to Active Morgotts Great Rune in Elden Ring: How to activate Morgotts

You want to activate Morgotts Great Rune within the Elden Ring?

Players will encounter a challenging boss, the Demi-Gods, as they take action in Elden Ring. You will be tested by the game’s storyline and your hard bosses, and you’ll be rewarded with some great Runes.

These items were created to be a punch in time.

Unfortunately, activating the Great Runes of Demi-God is just a small part.

The Lands will have the appropriate Divine Tower. There are some that are more difficult to find than others. One of these is the spot where you can see the Great Runes Mohg and Morgott.

This guide will demonstrate how to activate Murgots Great Rune within Elden Ring.

Let’s get to it.


To reach Morgott, players must pass Leyndell (Royal Capital). Once they reach the city’s building they will be able access the South Capital Silentiary site. This will let you know that you are close to the area.

Players can climb up to the opposite side of the country, climbing to the other side and taking their horse to the top of the mountain.

From this point, climb the huge neoteran root and head towards the middle of ground. Wind it along its path from the balcony to ring-side. This is where players will need to stand up against Godfrey, the Lord of Elden.

After they have slain the boss, they will be able to take the Queen’s Bedchamber bus and climb the long staircase. The bridge will take them over to the Queen’s Lord.


Once Morgott’s Great Rune is obtained, players will need to head for Leyndell to reach the elevator that leads from the city to The Forbidden Lands. This elevator leads to the Grand Lift of Rold.

The elevator will allow players to climb up and turn right into the square. If they look right at the left, there is a bridge that leads to a huge tower.

Players who cross the bridge should be cautious as they could get trapped in the dark arena filled with Fell Twins. Once the bosses have been defeated, players will be able to enter the tower and take the elevator to the top.

They will then find the Moghs Great Runes activation points for Morggots.

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