Embers Adrift adds first iteration of a singlelith-powered fast travel system in new beta release

Embers Adrift’s developers explored the possibility of combining the convenience of fast travel with the game design to allow players to actively participate in a field or exploration. This week, the team reviewed a beta-test that introduced a new system of fast travel using ember monoliths.

Each zone is assigned a monolith. Once one or more monoliths have been discovered, travel can be made from one monolith to the next. This dev post highlights that Monoliths will be able to travel fast, but they are not always safe. They also require a future resource cost.

The previous beta project dealt with a variety of issues related to Redshore, UI elements, and general gaming. While the work continues to address issues such stat consolidation, crafting updates and the introduction of guilds, as well as upgrades to the reagent systems, crafting updates and stat consolidation, the last beta project addressed a few other problems.

We have received your request. Have we fulfilled it? Our servers are being extended. Every week, the testers can enjoy Embers Adrift from Friday through Sunday (December).

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EmbersAdrift (@EmbersAdrift) June 3, 2022


Source: Official forums