enshin Impact features catgirl, horned beauty, and Su from Honkai Impact 3rd

The Insider published updated information on the characters that will be included in Genshin Impact following the release of Sumeru (update 4.0). The Insider also included SaveYourPrimos and the ar59 behavior.

They first noticed that a red-haired beauty, with long horns and a different shape than Azhdaha’s horns would be appearing in the game. She is a Hydro molecule teen model. His name is Nilu. His rarity and weapons are not yet known.

The second character is a tall, mystical girl who uses Genie or Raiden and who also uses God’s eye by ear. Although Whistleblowers don’t know for sure, they believe she may have cat ears similar to Diones. Its rarity, as well as its weapons, are unknown.

The game will feature a new guest character, Su from Honkai Impact 3rd. This is another miHoYo. He was a scientist from Sumeru, as he was in Genshin Impact. Although her appearance may change, there will be new clothes and hairstyles, but the hair color and hairstyles will not.