Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Map

Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Map – Main map and Points of Interest Keys and Cards Floors of the resort and more. All the hidden treasures and much more


Evacuation from Tarkov Shoreline Map – Main

Best Shoreline HQ map – Click the map to zoom in. If you’re looking for an idea of how the area is laid out, there’s nothing more impressive than the primary. This is the most comprehensive map available complete with a lengthy legend, as well as all the points of interest and other resources highlighted by the map.

Things to be aware of

Go to the Legend (bottom) and locate any points worth a look.

  • Wooden Crate
  • Weapon Box
  • Ammo & Grenade Box
  • Loose Loot
  • Medical Equipment
  • Dead Body
  • Key Spawn
  • Secure
  • Jacket
  • Register & Money
  • Sport Bag & toolbox
  • File Cabinet
  • Computer
  • High Tier Loot
  • PMC Spawn
  • Boss
  • Scav
  • Sniper Scav
  • PMC Extract
  • Scav Extract
  • Both Extract
  • Locked
  • Cache Buried Cache

Escape from the Tarkov Shoreline Map Resort

Best Shoreline HQ map – Click the map to expand. West Basement and gym, as well as pool. 1st floor, 2nd floor, and 3rd Floor 1st Floor East 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor 3rd Floor – All priority keys located in both wings as well as every loot.

On this map you’ll locate all the keys however, you will also find:

  • Weapons, weapons, and lockers
  • Medical equipment
  • Dead Scav
  • Save
  • Potential rare item
  • Bags and bags of random loot

If you need to find or locate something in the resort, by using this map, you can get it

The Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Stashes

Best Shoreline HQ map – Click the map to expand. The location of the hidden treasures, and specific pictures of the locations of these hidden treasures. To ensure that when you’re close to achieving your goal, you can locate it.

The map is only the exact location of the hidden treasures, so you should be able to focus on searching the entire cache


Shoreline Key & Card Spawns

Best Shoreline HQ map – Click the map to expand. The location of all keys and cards. Most are located in the resort, however there are others elsewhere. Therefore, you’ll need a map similar to this to locate the keys and cards.

It also provides indications of keys you can find in other maps in the game. You can find it in the legend on the right

About the Game and Shoreline

Shoreline is a vast area that is located on the coast fringe of Tarkov close to the port of the city. The region’s geography includes tracts of undulating woodland, huge wide open spaces, bizarre cliffs an extensive swamp, and a length of shoreline. Important man-made attractions include a part-demolished village as well as a modern development of residential as well as a boating establishment as well as a petrol station, an forecast station and a mobile communications tower, and the focal location of the map that is The Azure Coast Health Resort. The resort is a luxury complex that consists of three high-rise buildings. It was previously used as temporary lodging for TerraGroup members TerraGroup and its affiliated divisions in preparation for the deportation of Tarkov Port. When it is operating, the resort is powered by an adjacent hydroelectric power plant.