F1 22 Silverstone setup: best car settings for the British Grand Prix

Are you looking for the best F1 22 Silverstone track? The F1 track is fast and offers many overtaking opportunities. It also has quick straights and difficult historical corners like Maggotts and Becketts. You need to avoid speed traps and understand the importance rear stability. Also, be aware of how British weather can affect your tires.

What best F122 Silverstone setup is it? Rear stability is essential as you will be traveling at high speeds on this circuit of 5.89 km. This allows your car to handle the rapid changes in direction due to the 18 corners. This is what we recommend. However, you can experiment with the options below to create a system that suits your driving style.


F1 22 Silverstone set-up explained

This build is designed to improve your rear wing aerodynamics, which will help stability and speed. You can also increase the stiffness of your suspension, both for rear and rear anti roll, and to improve your front suspension and lower front aerodynamics. This will help you in tight corners and on straight roads.


  • Front Wing Air: 21
  • Rear Wing Air: 28



  • Differential Adjustment on Throttle: 72
  • Differential Adjustment off Throttle: 53

Geometry of Suspension

  • Front Camber -2.8
  • Rear Camber -1.5
  • Front Toe 0.1
  • Rear Toe 0.44


  • Front Suspension 10
  • Rear Suspension 1
  • Front Anti Roll Bar: 10.
  • Rear Anti Roll Bar: 1.
  • Front Ride Height 3
  • Rear Ride Height 5



  • Brake Pressure 100
  • Brake Bias 50


  • Front Right Tyre Pressure 23.7
  • Front Left Tyre Pressure: 23.7
  • Rear Right Tire Pressure: 21.7
  • Rear Left Tyre Pressure: 21.7

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