EVE Onlines revitalized multiple character training monetization sends players into a tailspin

It’s not just the hassle of managing multiple accounts and multiple boxes. EVE Online asked its players this question in a revived multi-character monetization scheme. This allows players to buy multiple characters simultaneously on one account without the need to train.

It’s not surprising that EVE players are dissatisfied with the new store item. One player offered an angry but fair breakdown of these certificates. He wrote that the time is 26 months. Please tell me why I should pay the same monthly fee as a subscription. I shouldn’t cancel my subscription for a one-time benefit.

EVE will continue to test new technologies such as prettier space clouds and redesigned career agents. EVE also integrates directX 12 into its systems.

Reddit: First floor, post 1 :02, Reddit. Thanks to Guillaume who gave me this tip!