Farming Simulator 22 PS4 & PS5 Controls FS22

Farming Simulator 22 PS4 and PS5 Controls F22 – All default Playstation 4 & Playstation 5 controls for vehicle & character

Farming Simulator 22 PS4 and PS5 Controls PS22 – Character

These are the default controls for Playstation characters:

  • Left joystick – Character / vehicle controls
  • R: Camera movement
  • X Jump
  • R2 – Run
  • L1 + Left Joystick Down: Character/vehicle controls
  • Circle – Picking up Items
  • Left joystick down: Interaction (e.g. Interaction (e.g. with buildings)
  • Menu (3lines): Management menu / panels
  • Touch down: Shop / Build Mode
  • L1 + Touch down: Building mode
  • R1: Hold + Circle Flashlight
  • Keypad up/down: Camera zoom in / out
  • L1 + keypad up: Toggles Radio (only available for vehicles by default).
  • L1 + Left /right: Modify the radio station

Farming Simulator 22 PS4 and PS5 Controls PS22 – Vehicle

These are the default controls for Playstation’s vehicles:

  • Right joystick down: Change camera
  • R2 – Gas
  • L2 – Brake/Reverse
  • Square – Entry/exit from your vehicle
  • Circle – Switch between car light modes
  • Circle – Hire an Employee
  • X: Attaching/detaching devices
  • Triangle – Switching to active device
  • Keypad Left : Switching between cars – Next vehicle
  • Keypad Right : Switching between vehicles – previous vehicle
  • L1 and Right joystick: Controlling movement of active device (e.g. boom/lift)
  • L1 and X: Disassemble/assemble active device (with Control you can control all connected devices).
  • Right joystick Secondary control for active device movement (e.g. forks, pipe end
  • L1 and Circle: Raise/lower active device (with Control you can control all connected devices).
  • L1 and Square: Turn on/off the active device (with Control you can all connected devices).
  • Keypad down : Extracting the pipe from the combine/transfer vehicle
  • L1 and Triangle: Choose the type of grain/seedlings you want (seeder/planter).
  • Triangle – Unload the goods at designated locations, e.g. pastures/silos)
  • L1 and Triangle: Unload any active device (e.g. a trailer/seeder / combine harvester)
  • Keypad down – Select the direction of unloading the trailer
  • Right joystick down: Fasten transport belts/change bale size
  • L1 and Keypad up Ridge marker
  • Right: Activate straw swath (harvester).
  • L1 and Circle: Cruise Control
  • Left joystick: Cruise Control – Increase/Decrease (with the up/down knob).
  • Square – Start/Stop the vehicle (defaultly, every vehicle turns on automatically when gas is added)
  • Left joystick up: Change steering mode (e.g. Front wheels / all wheels/crab modes – select vehicles
  • L1 and X: Change driving direction (selected cars)
  • R2 and Keypad up: Shifting Up/Down – Manual Transmissions Only