Final Fantasy VII remake The creators make the transformation of Clouds character model

The creators of Final Fantasy VII Remake have recently shared their thoughts on the recent changes to the Clouds character model during game development. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Square Enix brought a video game legend with a new cell treatment on the current consoles. Technically, the title has seen a lot of changes. To describe the transformations that the protagonist’s character model underwent during the development of action RPGs, the makers stopped using Twitter (via Siliconera).


The makers also know that Cloud was the first character in the game to make a model. From the initial draft, came the official first look at the final movie. The team made many adjustments to his bone structure, hair texture and hair color over the course of a long period.

One of the tweaks mentioned in this tweet is cloud arms. The thickness of the arms in the Final Fantasy remake has changed quite a bit since the original film. We have attached the PlayStation Experience 2015 trailer as well as the final trailer for April 2020 to give you an idea of the changes.

The makers would also be very grateful for the inclusion of details in the action RPG. They should show examples of equipment damage and scratches on the characters’ weapons. These small things, which may not be obvious when we play, were made more real and figurative by the attention of the people responsible.

Final Fantasy VII: More Returns

Final Fantasy VII Remake creators have been able to see some unusual angles in Final Fantasy VII Remake before. They have previously designed dresses for Aerith and Biggs in the eighth chapter.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was released exclusively on PlayStation 4 in 2020. A year later, Final Fantasy VII Remake of Intergrade was released. This is a content-enhanced and technically improved version of the action-role-playing game for PlayStation 5.


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