For us, the remake of the PS5 has finally been confirmed

We learned via leaks that The Last of Us Remake would arrive earlier than expected. Summer Game Fest Live confirmed that the game would be available for both PlayStation 5 and PC. It will be available on September 5th, and next year it will be available for PC.

According to the report, The Last of Us has been remade by the studio and it was designed for the PS5 right from the beginning. Updated Artificial Intelligence, 60 FPS Support, and many other features are still being revealed. Naughty Dog also posted online details, stating that they are working on a standalone multiplayer TLOU game.

Naughty Dog said that we added modernized gameplay, enhanced control, and expanded accessibility options to the single-player experience so that more people can enjoy it. It has everything: exploration, combat and more. PS5’s powerful hardware allowed us to implement 3D Audio, haptics, and adaptive triggers. The original fan can still enjoy The Last of Us Part One and Prequel. You can read the entire blog post here.

There will be limited editions for the PS5 and PS5. Standard edition costs 70 dollars, Digital Deluxe version 80 dollars, and Firefly edition 100 dollars. Every variant of the standard edition has different perks. These perks are available from the start of the game, not later. The launches also give weapons to both the cheaper and more expensive versions.