Fortnite is Adding Indiana Jones to Season 3 of Season 3

Epic Games today confirmed that Indiana Jones will join Fortnight after the April leaks. The latest episode of Season 3 Chapter 3 was released. Indy is the first appearance of Harrison Ford’s character in Fortinet. This is a significant deal considering that fans have been asking for Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Despite Indiana Jones being a huge character, he has yet to appear in Fortinet.

Epic’s websitetoday confirmed that Indiana Jones would be an unlockable skin for Fortinet in Chapter 3 Season 3. This means that you cannot play with him at the moment. Indiana Jones will be available as a skin via the Battle Pass for Season 3. You can purchase it now to get started on your journey.

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Fortinet (Fortinet Game) June 5:20:20.

Although Epic Games isn’t yet live, the trailer below shows us Indy in Fortinet. Below is a trailer that shows Indiana Jones looking like Harrison Ford. It can be seen slingshot ting through a temple-like structure. This video appears to be coming shortly after the opening of the story “Dads of the Lost Ark”. The player is being caught by a returning Ballers vehicle.

Let’s let you know when Indiana Jones is officially unlocked in Fortinet. Keep reading for all future coverage.

How will you pay for Fortinet Season 3’s new battle pass? Is that your favorite Fortinet addition?