Forza Motorsport Creative Director Reiterates Ray Tracing Will be Real Time

As was revealed during The Xbox and Bethesda Expo, Forza Motorsport will be returning to PC and Xbox in the coming year. In contrast to its arcade-focused cousin, Forza Horizon, this Motorsport series is famous for its greater simulation capabilities. If you didn’t catch the event, Turn 10 Studios has recently emphasized the game’s future ray tracing technology.


Ray tracing is now available. It’s not an accident, and the most important thing is that it’s real-time. So said designer Chris Esaki during a live stream of developers. Let me clarify by saying that when we talk about on track, we don’t mean it’s only available in replays or in Photo mode when you are on track. It was just being humorous by using words.

Gran Turismo 7’s laid-back music soothes the pain of Forza Horizon 5.

We were unsure the purpose of what you wanted accomplish in this case. While you’re racing, and engaging in the sport, you’ll notice that ray tracer is active. It’s a good look at Gran Turismo 7, which was also reviewing the use of ray tracing in replays. If you do play the game you will experience a degree of immersion that may change from time-to-time. It’s just a feature that draws you into the visuals and experiences like we’ve experienced previously. In the case of ray-tracing it’s almost unbelievable as it appears photo-realistic as well as immersive. You can experience that in games and games, which is why I’m going to discuss it in a clear manner. the process.

Esaki was also looking to clarify the general light source of Xbox as well as the Bethesda trailers to Forza Motorsport. This technology improves the effect of this technique by calculating the impact of light both on the surface as well as the opposite side.

It’s amazing and amazing, he said. It’s just a reminder of how far we’ve come from the beginning by using our lighting and ray-tracing technology, and also how powerful and immersive we’ve achieved with these new consoles as well as the power at our disposal.

However, it wasn’t a matter of the sighting of a Ray. The trailer showcased an auto damage option. The developers want to make you cry whenever you go through the rails on the sides, paying the focus on peeling paint the wheel, abrasions to the wheel, and dirt build-up.