Bloodtained Ritual of the Night Update 1.31 squealings for Top Issues Fix This June 1st

Artplay has released the Bloodstained Ritual of the Night update 1.31 for all platforms. This version doesn’t remove the Aurora – Child of Light from the game for the Nintendo Switch! This patch also includes the most critical games issues according to the developers for those who are on other platforms. The Ritual of the Night for the month is available here.


Here’s the announcement by 505 Games:

Hey, everyone!

After a long wait Aurora will finally arrive on Nintendo Switch at 9 am PT.

Update 1.31 for all other platforms (PC/Xbox, PS4, Stadia and Luna) will be released simultaneously. It will fix top issues and provide new solutions.

You can check back for more information or request it!

Unfortunately, this information has not been made public yet. This will hopefully fix Steam, which is one the most important issues in the game. They’ll update this post once the official patch notes have been completed. Remember that the game will be releasing a sequel. It’s best to take advantage of it while you can.