Team Reptile delays Bomb Rush Cyberfunk to 2023

Bomb Rush Cyberpunk will not ever be available this year, as per the latest statement by Team Reptile.

Team Reptile has just announced that their release Bomb Rush Cyberfunkwill officially be delayed until the summer of 2023. The date for release hasn’t been announced. The game was initially scheduled to launch on Steam as well as on the Nintendo Switch this year. Other consoles were anticipated to be released later.

Here’s the entire statement from Team Reptile’s Twitter feed. The feed clarifies that they just required more time to develop the “fulfilling game”:

Bomb Rush Cyberfunkis definitely the ultimate successor to the original combination of cel-shaded, graffiti, sport, and insurrection from Jet Set Radio Future.

It’s an extremely original game in every genre on any console. The music was full of character and the gameplay was fluid and there were various multiplayer options. In addition, there was a quirky and entertaining story.

So, if there ever was a game that you could draw on, Jet Set Radio is the perfect place to take a look. In actuality, it has an influence on the Rollerdrome’s most important gameplay mechanics which have been receiving the acclaim of fans and critics alike all over the world.

It’s certainly a shame it’s a pity that Bomb Rush Cyberpunkhas has been delayed. However, many titles, independent and AAA alike have come to a close in the calendar and have been required to accept their limitations. Based on the footage that we’ve seen so away from Team Reptile’s forthcoming game, it’s sure to be well worth the long wait.

The team of Reptile has made the smart choice to speak to the fans, who have remained open to suggestions, and the decision to create a pleasant experience is always going to be the best instead of trying to rush to finish a task on time. But, it also increases the expectations that are quite high for this game.