Fran Bow Walkthrough – Chapter 1 to Ending & Achievements

Fran Bow Walkthrough – Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3. Chapter 4, Chapter 5. Finalization and Achievements – Tips and video guides to finish the game


Fran Bow Walkthrough Chapter 1

Chapter 1. Guide to video and Walkthrough. Fran Bow is an spooky action game which tells the tale of Fran an innocent girl suffering from an illness of the mind and an unjust fate.

Fran Bow Walkthrough and Achievements

The achievements, all the ways to unlock them and ways they can be accessed

Chapter 1:

  • Sleepy Princess You can give him the cake. Choose the option “B”
  • I got out by completing the maze game, do not miss a step.

Chapter 2:

  • It was fantastic! Twins at home, click the cupcakes to their dining table three times
  • I’m burning you! You need to take pills (Climb over the bricks and put the plank you’ve gotten outside the kitchen in order so that you can get to the bottle. Burn the rope using your matches)
  • Hello dolly! Look for the stroller of a baby near the cage that housed Mr. Midnight at night in the attic following finishing the ritual
  • Locate Mr.Midnight Reunite with your most beloved friend
  • Toad toader on toader board! Complete the toader mini-game

Chapter 3.


  • Faster than snails!: Defeat the snail five times during the mini-game of tic-tac-toe
  • Dr. Love: Get the divorcing couple (Bring her the red flower > Kotrem’s wife to an island > return to summit of the mountain)
  • The kind of thief is to return the lost pink tickets to the bug on the right side of the room
  • A Troll… Run! Beat the Troll mini-game, without skipping the action

Chapter 4

  • Oops! The game crashed: After you have won the mini-game for 3 rounds, you need to click on the screen that says “Winner” (Defeat you boss)
  • Test!: Click on the table in the middle of the engine room. (Use the green marker over the field that is empty)
  • Giving the robotic rabbit food Feed the robot rabbit in an alternative reality three carrots by clicking on the lower left corner of the room.
  • Memorial Lighting the candles over the tombs of parents you love by using the matches

Chapter 5:

  • The HTML0 version is Electroman!: electrocute the doctor three times with the lever.
  • The story of the old days close the door to the room in which the doctor is bound in a chair (Click on the black and white image in the door’s back before you inject the Syringe)
  • The final Game: Play the entire game