Geneshin Impact 2,8 Banner Order and Hero Name Renamed

A native Lumie usually, who provides exact information on updates coming up said that, in the initial stage of patch 2.8 the developer will repeat Klee as well as Kazuha.

When the dataminer was asked questions about the hero with four stars Shikanoin Heizo replied by saying that Inazuma detective was released in the initial phases of the update, with the possibility of a second chance. So players can be able to take on two Anemo characters at the same time so they can form the most efficient teams.

The Bollifying of the Dead, the single-handed weapon Oath to Freedom as well as the trigger for the Divine Sooth are the most powerful weapons available for Kazuha as well as Heizo. It is also worth noting that during the second phase of the update it will be there will be a Pyro banners of archer Eimiya will be revealed. The insider has explained this in the presence of Uncle Y.

Also, there was a suggestion in the databaseminer Uncle DD that the second character to be given the new skin will be Lisa. The skin will be released following the introduction to Sumeru in the game as well as patches 3 and 3.0. There’s not any mention of the character’s appearance, but it’ll likely be developed within the stylistic department that is part of Twilight Academy. In the last 100 decades, Lisa has become the most successful student in this school.