Ghost Gaming sweeps 100 Thieves and deny them first seed at the NA VCT stage 2

Ghost Gaming won the second seed in Group A by beating 100 Thieves 2-0. They will now face the third seed in Group B during the playoffs for the NA VALORANT Champions Tour stage 2.

Both teams won the match, and both had already secured playoff spots through their three wins in Group A. Only 100 boys can go if they are number one or third in their group. This made the match the most important of all the squads. Ghost would still finish in a respectable position, regardless of what the outcome.

Ghost lost to Breeze as a map pick, and it was very close to overtime. Although 100 Thieves had a lead in the second period and won several rounds, including a 1v5 with Sean Bezerra during the second, they could not maintain their momentum against Ghost. After trading two rounds each, the two teams entered the second half with two rounds each. Ghost won five consecutive rounds to give them 12 round victories. Ghost won the game 13-11 despite a 100-thyeves flurry. They avoided overtime. Brawk is gaining ground on Ghost in Sova’s Super Bowl. He can run at 1,67 km/h and his average combat score of 291.

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Ghost Games Esports (@Ghostesports) June 12, 2022

100 thieves couldn’t resist Icebox’s map pick and continued fighting Ghost, who held the half-time lead. Ghost won the first gun rounds of the second-half to increase the lead to 10-4. Ghost Gaming won the game 13-6 against 100 Thieves, despite only securing six rounds. Ghosts aproto held firm to give his team a 2-0 win. Aproto had a Viper score of 2.4 and an ACS number 3336. He haunted 100 Thieves every turn.

Ghost will be playing the third seed in Group B, while 100 Thieves will play the second.