Hades – All Bosses and Battle Tips

This guide includes a list of Hades bosses and could contain spoilers.



Bone Hydra

The Bone Hydra is the remnants of the Lernaean Hydra that Heracles, the demi-god hero, killed as part of his Twelve Labours. It is now found in Asphodel’s fiery Phlegethon river, where it guards Elysium.

Asphodel’s boss encounter is the Bone Hydra. It also happens to be the second boss in every Hades run. They can be found at Chamber 24, which is the final Chamber of Asphodel.




Charon, the boatman on the Styx that transports the bodies of the dead into the underworld and across the river, is Charon. He was described as the boatman of the river Styx in Greek mythology. A single obol, which is placed into the mouth prior to burial, was required by Charon. Otherwise, the soul would have been left to wander the Styx banks for 100 years.

Charon’s in-game services are unfortunately more costly. He acts as the game’s shopkeeper and sells Zagreus various powers-ups, healing products, and boons in exchange for the obols that he has gathered during his escape attempt. You will find him in chambers that have a preview of a brown bag, which are usually located at the mid-length of each biome prior to a mini-boss encounter or in the penultimate biome of a biome before the boss encounter.


The Wells of Charon, which are randomly located throughout the Underworld, are also managed by him.

He isn’t very expressive, speaking only in groans and intonations that Zagreus seems to understand. Zagreus frequently expresses frustration that Charon cannot or won’t simply ferry him to the surface in his boat.

Charon’s shop can be used by all gods, except Chaos, to offer their boons for Zagreus. However, Hermes is the one god with whom Charon has a long-lasting professional relationship. This can be seen in dialogue with Hermes as well as in Hermes’s Codex Entry.




The Furies, also known as the Erinyes, are Tartarus’ boss and the first boss to be encountered in any run of Hades. They can be found at Chamber 14, which is the final Chamber of Tartarus. At first, Zagreus will only be fought by Megaera. After many runs, her sisters Alecto, Tisiphone and Tisiphone will eventually appear in her place. This will lead to more diverse and interesting fights.

Once the Pact of Punishment’s Extreme Measures condition has been unlocked it can be used to allow Furies to fight together with one of them acting as the primary boss and the other as “support sisters”, pelting Zagreus in additional attacks.




Hades is the god who governs the Underworld and all things mineral rich. He is also the master and lord of the House Hades and the father of Zagreus. He is responsible for maintaining order in the Underworld, as well as deciding the punishments and placements of the dead and hearing the petitions from the shades.

Hades is serious, serious, and committed to his work. In the Remembrances, he is shown to have been harsh and strict with Zagreus in his childhood. Achilles was hired by Hades to teach Zagreus how to fight and give him a more “firm direction in his life”. In the meantime, Hades appears to have delegated much of the caretaking and raising Zagreus to Nyx.

He is bitter about Zagreus’s repeated attempts to escape from the Underworld, and greets his return with mockery and scorn. He will also order his shades to gather near Zagreus to punish him (time trials). He scolds Zagreus for allowing the prince to move from Tartarus into Asphodel, Asphodel to Elysium and finally to the Temple of Styx. After Zagreus has bribed Cerberus with a Satyr Sack, allowing him to live without violence, Hades realizes he must get involved. He heads off Zagreus to the snowy grounds of the Temple’s Archway. Hades has donned his Helm of Darkness, and brought the spear that forms his symbol, Gigaros to defeat his son and exile him from the House. He is the final boss in the main game.



Megaera is one the three Fury Sisters. Hades sends her to stop Zagreus escaping from the Underworld. Before Zagreus can escape the Underworld, he must defeat her.


Megaera will be joining the House of Hades after her first defeat. She will continue to try to stop Zagreus’s entry into Asphodel, but she will no longer be able to interact with him. Megaera will be seen drinking in the House’s lounge after she has lost her first run. If the lounge is not reopened, Megaera will continue to hang out in the hallway opposite Zagreus’s door, where Nyx normally stands.

She has apparently been given the task of handling all matters in Tartarus, including dealing with Zagreus. Megaera claims that the Underworld has been particularly busy due to a war between mortals. Megaera and her sisters are taking care of matters elsewhere.



Theseus and Asterius

Theseus, a former hero and king in Athens, is most well-known for his killing of the Minotaur. Hades recruited him to stop Zagreus from fleeing. He is the last boss of Elysium and fights alongside the Minotaur.

Asterius (also known as the Minotaur) is a bull-headed demihuman who was captured by Hades to stop Zagreus from fleeing. Asterius, who was born to King Minos and was eventually slain by Theseus, was kept in a labyrinth during his life. The two men are apparently friends in death.

Asterius can be a mid-boss in Elysium and is also a possible encounter with King Theseus in Elysium Stadium.




Tisiphone is one the three Fury Sisters. Megaera and Alecto are her sisters.

Megaera will be defeated a number of times. Alecto, Tisiphone, and random other people will start replacing Megaera in Tartarus. After Megaera has been defeated, Tisiphone doesn’t appear in the House of Hades.




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