PUSS! 100% Achievement Guide

The only all-time best achievement guide is translated.


Regular successes


FLAWLESS victory Description: Reach the top without any deaths

Explanation: You can complete the first nine levels of any world, without losing your life. It does not count if you lose a shield.


BREAK DOWNDescription : Beat an episode within 5 minutes

Explanation: An episode includes the boss.



PURESKILL Description : Speed up and run with confidence in every episode

Explanation: You must not touch walls or cause any deaths.



THROUGHDescription : Go to the Hall of Seals




Explanation: In total, it means for all your plays



Description : 100 items of heart

Explanation: Heart can be unlocked by completing the Princess’ episode.



TAKE YOUR TIMEDescription: Collect 30 timer items

Explanation: An unlock is also possible, but don’t remember who, so write it down in the comments.



METAPHYSICAL!Description: Beat 5 levels in a row without losing shield

Explanation: I do not remember a single unlock, help.



Description – Beat a level without touching walls

Explanation: Touching walls does not mean you are dying. This achievement is considered failed if you touch a wall or the game glitches.



FLASH!Description : Beat a level within a second

Explanation: This timer begins as soon as you spawn at a level. You will need both luck and good reactions to be successful. It is recommended that you increase your mouse’s sensitivity to maximum, and then fish for the level “We are going to show you”.

This is how it looks like:




Description : Collect 30 lives


Explanation: This should not be confused with “LOVELY”. You must collect 30 lives in one run. You can keep track of your progress by completing an episode.

Secret achievements


THIS TUTORIALExplanation : You only get it for dying once. Don’t worry, you will get it eventually.



LIVES ICARUS!Explanation : Free Icarus



Explanation : Meet the Princess


HYPER AQUA DRIVER Explanation : Rick



HALLELUJAHExplanation: Meet Jesus



THIS’S THE MOMENTExplanation : Meet the Unicorn


END of TIMESExplanation : Destroy the Baphomet


Corrupted Number 1Explanation : Completion of a corrupted level


Corrupted No. 2Explanation: Complete 10 corrupted levels


Corrupted No. 3Explanation: Complete 20 corrupted levels

These three accomplishments are difficult to achieve, as there is always the chance that you will be corrupted by death.