Katamari Damacy Tier List

Katamari Damacy Tier List: What to aim for and the Tier List (Target characters ranked from Tier A to Tier D).


Katamari Damacy Tier List – List

Tier S is the easiest to obtain. Tier A and Tier A are difficult to attain, but they can be achieved. Although this level list is an excellent resource, it’s possible that some people disagree with it.

Achievement of King of Katamari Damacy

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Katamari Damacy Tier List – About

Katamari Damacy, a Japanese videogame designed by Keita Tahashi and published in Japan by Namco.


Game puts you in the shoes of a little prince who has to rebuild the stars, constellations, and Moon that were accidentally destroyed by their father. To do this, you must use a sticky ball called Katamari to roll across various screens collecting all sorts of objects until the ball becomes a star.

Classified as a sport:

  • Belongs in the action or puzzle genres
  • To complete the missions, you will need to have both strategy and skill
  • Due to its simple controls, Game Surface seems to be geared towards children.
  • Simple, colorful graphics
  • Twisted senses of humor
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Surreal approach
  • Attract the attention of people of all ages

Katamari Damacy Games

  • We Katamari (PlayStation 2)
  • Me & My Katamari (PlayStation Portable)
  • Katamari Damacy Online (PC)
  • Beautiful Katamari (Xbox 360)
  • Katamari Forever (PS3)
  • I Love Katamari (iPhone)
  • Touch My Katamari (PS Vita).
  • Katamari Amore (App Store)